Please join us and help us #BeTheChange! Know that you are not alone! Congratulations Christopher Bates!

AV Youth Activities 

AV Youth is looking at violence in a comprehensive way. Violence is a part of human society and nature it has been around since the beginning of the human race.  Our educational model will be developed on an E-Platform.  


Activities AV Youth will carry out are as follows:

1.  Seminars

Seminars that will target educating Teachers, facilitators, presenters, coaches, public health professionals, social workers, parents, etc.

2.  Workshops

For Youth (Grades 6-10), athletic groups & clubs to participate in together, hands-on learning and understanding.

3.  Classes

  • Conflict Resolution

  • Negotiation

  • Mediation

  • Anger Management

  • Compassion

  • Stress Management

  • De-escalation of Violence Techniques

  • Fear Management (afraid to ask for help)

  • Empathy

  • Self-esteem

  • Early Signs of Violence

  • Violence Awareness

4.  Awareness Activities

  • Videos

  • Radio/TV shows

  • Celebrity, public & private agency PSA’s (Public Service Announcements)

  • Celebrity videos showing support

  • Videos of other youth showing support

  • Books

  • Flyers

  • YouTube videos

  • Podcasts

  • Educational materials for youth and their influencers

5.  Fundraising Events

  • Professional consultants, event managers and organizers for the events

  • Ongoing Fundraising/Donations on-going on social media and AV youth website

6. Educational Materials

  • Workbooks

  • Steps

  • Lessons

  • Homework

  • Tools & Kits

  • Lesson plans

  • Talking points

  • Testing materials

  • Feedback, surveys

  • Focus groups

  • Evaluation tools

  • Step-by-step implantation for youth related segments

  • E-Learning platforms

7. Social Media Campaigns

  • Ongoing & Current

  • Facebook

  • Instagram

  • Twitter


  • Message boards

  • Blog

  • Online Newsletter

  • Respond to recent and current events

  • Website with anonymous blog section where youth can ask questions and receives advice anonymously

8.  Online Tutorial

Ongoing E-learning platform where youth can access materials anonymously at any time

9. Real Life Situations

  •  Youth Spokesperson

  • Real and current situations that can impact youth

  • Current violence in the news & school

10.  Partnerships/Alliances

We will work with other organizations that already exist creating relationships that will advance the organization and the message.







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